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Nyfosa has completed a property portfolio acquisition at a total value of approximately SEK 4.2 billion and issues 10,310,000 shares

2020-03-04 14:50
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Increased number of shares and votes in Nyfosa

2020-02-28 08:00
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Nyfosa signs 10-year lease with Luleå kommun

2020-02-27 10:00
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Nyfosa recalculates dividend proposal of shares in Torslanda Property Investment AB

2020-02-21 11:45
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Nyfosa completes a directed issue of 6.46 million shares, raising proceeds of SEK 601 million

2020-02-17 23:10
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Nyfosa explores the conditions for a directed issue of shares

2020-02-17 17:31
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